Summer Day Camp Fees


¨ Full Time (40+ hours)

        First Child $118.00

        Second+ Child $98.00

¨ Part Time (min of 5 hours/wk)

        First Child $2.95 per hour

        Second+ Child $2.45 per hour

Drop In

¨ Daily Rate of $30.00 per child per day

Summer Activity Fee

¨ $15.00 for one child

¨ $25.00 for two or more child

Field Trips

There will be some extra charges for field trips.


Summer Registration Materials

Click on the links below to view our materials:


2015 Summer Day Camp coming in May 2015!

Summer Program
Ages 3 to 12

Our Philosophy

Our Summer Program is open to everyone in the Oxford Hills Area as well as the surrounding areas. We serve children from Pre-k through 6th grade.

Children are encouraged to try many different types of activities. Each summer we create our curriculum around a theme that is both educational and fun.

This past summer, we worked with the kids on the 5 regions of the USA, through fun educational activities such as cooking, crafts, games and guess speakers/artists. Another activity that the children enjoy each summer is the Dragon Rider Readers Mobile Library which they read books to the children and they allow the children to check a book out of the library each week.

2015 Summer Camp Schedule

Our summer day camp is open for 10 weeks and below you will find the themes we will be focusing our activities, field trips and guest speakers around. For more information on what we will be doing during each week, 



Field Trip Schedule

Below is a list of the placed the children will either be traveling to on a school bus or having a walking field trip.  To see more details on the field trips, please